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Taco ni Tako Accessories' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Taco ni Tako Accessories

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Wig (+Shoes) Sales post [28 Apr 2008|09:08pm]
This is seedofdarkness using taconitako to sell her wigs because she needs to fund a convention trip and she's not using these wigs anyways.

All prices are in USD and includes shipping to Canada and the US (takes about a week or two). For international shipping add $5 (Standard airmail, takes about 2-4 weeks).
I prefer Paypal, but I do accept international money orders/Moneygram/Western union (though you must cover all fees).

For feedback on me check out here (ebay: seedofdarkness).

Super Long WigsCollapse )

Long WigsCollapse )

Short-er WigsCollapse )

Brand New ShoesCollapse )

Feel free to leave any questions or comments or email me. I'll try to reply ASAP.

Thanks for looking~♥

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Mini Top Hats for sale [23 Sep 2007|11:22pm]
[Taco ni Tako] Post AN Mini Top hats for sale

Available: 5

Cutie Tiny HatsCollapse )

Also available are headdresses from our Anime North Clearance sale (here) and Seed's clearance of wigs and shoes (for the sake of tuition and textbooks) (here). Remember, we can do combined shipping on anything from these couple of pages!! (so if you decide to get something here and a wig or shoes or something, I can combine shipping on the two/three/etc items, just let me know)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave an lj comment, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for looking~ ♥

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[23 Sep 2007|09:57pm]
Placeholder for hat sale
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Super Late Anime North Clearance!!! [12 Jul 2007|01:01am]
Super late, but Anime North was great =D Both nonillafruit and I lacked a lot of sleep during the weekend, but awesome outfits were seen, good business was had, and it was a great time. We managed to fail at taking pictures though XD Only one I managed to salvage was this one:

^That's Nonilla hard at work on Friday when we had most of our wares set up except the head bands.
At the end of the weekend, we were sold out of ties, chokers, and energy~ Thanks to all of you who came to look =D

Super Late Post-Anime North Clearance!!

We still have a lot of head-things leftover, so now it's time for a clearance!! Prices have been cut, and slightly adjusted for shipping. The shipping expenses are purely just for postage. Each item has a set of three pictures for them, please order using the letter-number at the top of the column. Please COMMENT with your order. There is only one of each item.

Payment can be done through paypal, though we also accept international money orders (and concealed cash at your own risk). All prices are in US dollars.

Basic shipping will be through standard priority mail (no tracking number, no insurance), though other options are available for a bit more, please contact us for details. We will ship immediately the day after payment has been received.

Feel free to comment with any questions or comments.

Hair bandsCollapse )

HeadbandsCollapse )
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Anime North preview! [Accessories side] [22 May 2007|11:45pm]
We're going to be in the Anime North (May 25-27) Artist Alley this year for the second time! Here's a preview of what accessories we'll be carrying!
All handmade by nonillafruit and seedofdarkness with love and care~~ Prices will range from $5-25!


We will also be carrying a selection of custom made jewelery and crowns! Preview coming soon!

We hope to see you there~ ♥
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♥♥♥ Next Event ♥♥♥ [20 May 2007|11:27pm]
Find us at Anime North 2007 Friday May 25th to Sunday May 27th!! It'll be our second year in Artist Alley =D We look forward to seeing you~~ ♥♥♥
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Profile post [20 May 2007|11:22pm]

♥♥♥ About us: ♥♥♥

Based in Toronto, Canada, Taco ni Tako Accessories sells accessories and jewellery inspired by lolita, punk, decora and jrock fashions. All products are made with love and care by nonillafruit and seedofdarkness.

♥♥♥ Contact us: ♥♥♥

Feel free to comment with questions or comments in our journal, or you can email us at taco.ni.tako @ gmail.com. ♥

♥♥♥ Payment methods: ♥♥♥

We prefer paypal. We also accept credit card, international money orders and personal cheques that can be cashed in Canada.

♥♥♥ Shipping methods: ♥♥♥

We use standard parcel/lettermail. Other [more expensive] methods also available. We pack our products with utmost care.

♥♥♥ L I N K S ♥♥♥

See some of our other works:

Seed-chan's Cosplay.com gallery

Mango_Kiwi's (nonillafruit's) Cosplay.com gallery

|~|♣ Interested?|~|

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